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Mar-Auto has had the privilege of gaining many long-term relationships over the years, along with delivering high-quality repair and maintenance service to hundreds of vessels worldwide. What distinguishes our company is the takeover of completing our repairs in excellent quality craftsmanship. Specializing in cruise ships, cargo ships, military vessels and tug boats, no job is too big or small for us. As a leader in the ship repair industry, our pride of workmanship is an important and conscious part of everything we do.


One of the most frequently underestimated risks is the risk of ship downtimes because of large-scale repair and maintenance work. This often results in financing bottlenecks. Changes in the legal framework with regard to environmental damage and potential costs involved in salvaging a wrecked ship are frequently neglected as well. In many cases these costs exceed the residual value of the ship many times over. Here again Mar-Auto develops technical services geared to your fleet and routes. Companies in the following areas of the inland shipping sector place their trust in our services provided by our nautical and engineering experts.


Our engineers are experienced in the design and installation of the specialized electrical systems required by inland tankers, cargo and passenger vessels. Propulsion, navigation, environmental, communications and entertainment systems are all part of the Mar-Auto scope. We provide a full design, installation and commissioning service for all classes of vessel and we retrofit individual systems where required.


Whenever there is demand for fast service and repair, Mar-Auto operates highly efficient mobile repair teams– offering 24-hour emergency repair service.

Phone: +380 67 480 5732
E-mail: service@mar-auto.tech

Our in-house team is fully competent and factory trained to deliver IMO compliant and Class approved integrated navigation solutions for vessel owners. Our proven expertise on system upgrade, retrofit and refit projects on ships already under operation results in minimizing your operational costs and downtime.

Bridge navigation watch alarm system (BNWAS)
Current meters
Electronic chart display & information system (ECDIS)
Fiber optic gyrocompass
Integrated bridge system
Magnetic compass
Multifunction displays (MFD)
Navigation sensors
Satellite compass
Steering system
Voyage data recorder (VDR & S-VDR)
Weather fax
Wind speed & direction sensors

Mar-Auto Electrical Services Departmnet can take any system that is outdated, lacks components, or requires further system integration.

Our electrical services include but are not limited to:

  • Control System Services
  • Rewinding & Repair of Motors, Generators and Transformers
  • Automation Trouble-Shooting & Fault-Finding Diagnostic: Electric & Electronic Equipment
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Electric & Electronic Equipment
  • Main Switch Boards Inspections
  • ACB’s Inspections
  • Installation of Main Switch Boards and Control Panels
  • Cleaning of Electric Panels
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Rotor Repairs
  • Diesel Engine Troubleshooting and Diagnostic
  • Diesel Engine Recondition and Overhaul of Critical Diesel Engine Components
  • Diesel Engine Mechanical Repair & Maintenance
  • Diesel Onsite Machining
  • Diesel Engine Governor
  • Diesel Engine OMD
  • Diesel Engine Spare Parts
  • Fuel Injectors, Nozzles, Valves,
  • Pumps, Compressors
  • Cargo and Service Pumps
  • ME Remote Control Systems
  • Oil Mist Detectors
  • Governors
  • Autopilots
  • ИМ-1
  • Repair and maintenance of hydraulic power packs for winches, cranes, capstans, cargo pumps, lifts, valves and stabilizers
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Works
  • Overhauling of cylinders
  • General fault resolution
  • Installation of hydraulic equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of hydraulic lines

Mar-Auto is known for the supply of high quality, cost effective spares to support their client operations.

We supply both new and reconditioned spares for marine automation and control systems, navigation systems, main and auxiliary engines as well as a wide variety of ancillary equipment on the engine and across the engine room.

  • Range of Spare Parts included:
  • Electrical Components
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Diesel Engine Spare Parts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Spare Parts
  • Machinery Spare Parts
  • Reconditioned Components


  • Marine Global Service
  • AC/DC distribution
  • Audio Video, ICT systems
  • Automation Solutions
  • Bow Thruster Control Systems
  • VFD / VSD
  • Hybrid Propulsion & Energy Systems
  • Integrated Bridge Solutions
  • Lighting solutions
  • Marine Diesel Electric Propulsion
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Maritime Energy Management
  • Monitoring, Alarm & Control Systems
  • Integrated Automations Systems
  • Power generation & distribution