• 65026, Tamojenna sq. 1-b. Odessa, Ukraine

ME Speed Governors

‘Mar-Auto’ is a full service electro-mechanical repair and diesel repair contractor. We offer a wide array of services including repair of rotating machinery and pumps, electric motor and generators, diesel engines, governors and controls, hydraulics, welding and valve repair. We also offer a full service parts counter and repair of governors. We take great pride in responding promptly with on-site teams of experienced technicians and skilled tradesmen.

A full range of services for governors include:

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning of parts and examining visually and dimensionally for  unserviceable parts
  • Reassemble using overhaul kit
  • Testing

A brand new Woodward Governors and other various models availabe for sale through our shop. To refine specification and get the prices – simply send us a quote.


Construction date: February 2019
Location: Odessa, Ukraine